Vision And Mision


It is the purpose of this Directory to provide relevant & precise business information to new and present residents of a local area. Local Business Development (LBM) strives to be the Local Book's connection to local business development strategies and support. A cost effective way of communicating and understanding with area businesses is the website.


Buy Local, Stay Local, Become Local

The three main fundamentals of the Local Book are—Buy Local, Stay Local and Become Local.

Buy Local

Encourage fellow individuals, organizations and visitors to do business locally. Supported by an online Local Book business directory on website.

Stay Local

Support and retain Local Book's current businesses. By becoming an advocate to the Local Book business community that Local Book can stretch out and assist businesses with their greatest hurdles. The has streamlined the business registration process by offering business yearly renewal online making this process easier and faster.

Become Local

Identify resources and benefits to attract pointed new businesses through Local Book.

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