In Business Listing you can easily enlist the name of your Company or business as per the category your Company or business belongs to, this will help you to reach up to maximum number of people or users.

Unlike some directories which provide free listings, Local Book takes less than half a crown to get listed in, this has been done to achieve precise and genuine results. Local Book was built from the ground up to focus on relevance and user interaction. We want to make it as quick & easy to find the local businesses you are questing for.

Local Book offers paid listings to all Indian businesses with an offline presence as well. This is another way that we are able to stay as comprehensive and up to date with Indian business data as possible. Local Book also has a relatively small (although fast growing) and very flexible team which means that when our users or clients suggest new ways to improve the site, we can act on them without needing to get it signed off by numerous levels of management. We listen very carefully to all feedback, remarks, disapprovals and proposals and have incorporated many of these.

To list your business first select the Last link that is ‘Join’ from the right side top corner. Then fill all the details as required and your mobile number so as to get the verification code and once it is done your registration is almost complete the only thing remaining is your payment.

you can send us your enquiries, complaints on , We have got a terrific email support system for responding to feedback, comments, updates, additions and removals that is designed to maximize accuracy. As our main motto is to save everyone’s time and ensure that the correct business listing is being worked upon.

To use Localbook you can use mobile application , we have all 4 platform application available. Android, Blackberry, Windows and Apple.

No, we won't charge any money to user. The charges are only for the business , Advertisement, event and offer registration.

On visiting our website the home page shows an option of "Contact Us" kindly click on it and Get all the information Department wise to Contact us which will help you solve your query instantly.

We have mobile application kindly bookmark the page and use it also as our site is full-fledged you will get good response to all screen sizes.

Advertisement is done to bring things in public notice, it is for marketing purpose to sell some commodity, service or similar.

To get your advertisement on you have to click the Advertise link from the list in right hand side top corner. All the details to be filled properly and the procedure is completed after the payment. Now your advertisement is ready to be public.

To register your business on you just have to give this onetime payment of 3599/- rupees only for one year.

To registers your advertisement a call will cost you11999/- rupees only for one year.

For any kind of technical support we have our technical experters who are always there to resolve your problem to get in touch with them mail is at

Any entrepreneur’s like Retailers , product sellers, shop owners , event planners, who deal with product base service base industry can join Localbook.

There are very simple steps to get bulk advertisement or business listing once you visit the Home page kindly scroll down till the footer you will see a link named Bulk Business. Click on it and fill All the details as required your requirement will be fulfilled.

As soon as you are registered with us you will receive a registration confirmation mail in that mail body there is a link given to check your job status named ‘check status’ click on it and fill the details as asked you will get your current status.

To register your complaint about us kindly visit the website in the Home page itself you will find a link named as ‘Contact Us’ once you click this option you will find a list of mail Id's out of which, one is ‘’ kindly click on it and fill the form or you can even mail us your complaint we would resolve on high priority.

To register your business on you need to fill a Business Form kindly fill the details about ‘Business Location and Profile’, then the 'Contact Details’ make sure the details marked in red as tricks are mandatory to fill.

Select the ‘Mode Of Payment’ as per your preference. Kindly give us a brief idea about your business in your words by filling the Business Description.

In the column of Products and Services mention whether your business deals with products or into services. We need your scan copy of owner / proprioter licence and a current photo scan. You need to upload both. After this you need to select the ‘Category’ and the ‘Sub category’ (if applicable depending on the type of Business) from the drop down list provided. And if it doesn't fall in any of these two then mention it in box of ‘Others’. Update us with your working hours day wise in the block of ‘Hours Of Operation’.

If you wish your customers or viewers to follow you on social media you do have this option here in ‘Social Media’ links. Finally before submitting help us out with ‘Other Details’ such as employee code and the ‘Submit’ If any case you want to refill the details or do changes before submissions you can use the command ‘Reset’.

You can see your business on the basis of the categories you chosen and as per your registration or listed business on the portal.

The only way to get your Business Listing is After filling all details and successful payment completion.

Visit the Home page then click on ‘Contact Us’ option and mail us on ‘’

You can give your reviews and write testimonials by just a clicking on the Testimonials and then click on ‘Write Testimonials’ and you can share your views by filling the details.

Yes, you can edit your personal details and can save the changes whenever required.

In order to change your Business Account Password you have to first login into your account. Here click on ‘Manage Profile’ add a new password and Submit your new password would be successful changed.

You just require a Licence/ shop act licence to register your business and advertisement listing.

The documents mandatory for applying a Job are your ‘Aadhar Card’ and ‘Pan Card’ and Bank details for payment purpose.

For any kind of job related queries kindly send it to us at ‘’.

After the purchase of Welcome Kit within 15 days you would receive it.

You can surely add all the offers related to your Business and get the most out of it as it reaches to many people. For adding you need to click the ‘Join’ option by clicking on the list on the right hand side top corner. Fill the details under chosen followed with the payment procedure and its ready to be viewed on-line.

Adding any event related to your Business in Localbook will obviously help you to enhance your popularity Thus we give you this facility of adding any event .For uploading new events you need to click the ‘Join’ option by clicking on the list on the right hand side top corner. Fill the details followed with the payment procedure and its ready to be viewed on-line.

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