Cancellation And Refund Policy

We thank you and appreciate you using our Website (“Website”) owned by Localbook private limited (“Company”). Please read the policy, conditions and process carefully as they will give you important information and guidelines about your rights and obligations as our User, concerning any services unless specifically stated otherwise on our pages. We make every effort to service as per the specifications and timelines mentioned against each service. If due to any reason, unavoidable circumstances or beyond the limitations of the users the user isasking for a Refund or Cancellation then the following policy shall govern such refund.

The User may claim for a refund once the following two factors are satisfied:

  1.  As a result of a technical issue, the User is unable to proceed on the Website; and

      2. The subscription of that User is cancelled within 48 (forty eight) hours.

After such cancellation the refund shall be processed by the Company and the same shall be provided after 1 (one) week of cancellation of the subscription. The Company and/or Website does not allow exchange in any form. Once the Cancellation has taken place, the account will be removed from the Website data base.

The money paid for the subscription by the User shall be paid back to the User within 7 (seven) to 15 (fifteen) days by means of the cheque.


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